Filming Tips

Compose your shots so that you avoid the sky as much as possible. That way you avoid getting an exposure that's all white sky.

Before you even set off, make a plan. Keep focused on your main story and write down at least ten shots that you really want to capture. Tick them off as you ride. The more preparation and planning you do before hand, the happier you’ll be when it comes to the edit.

Recommended Accessories

Handlebar/ Seat/ Pole mount: Great for that handheld 'boom' footage. The best part is that they can be attached even to smaller diameter tubes. These mounts come with a 3-Way Pivot Arm so you can adjust the angle. Get that perfect shot every time.

Side mount: Right or left, it's all right, with the Side mount. Attach the camera to the side of your helmet or bike and get a variety of shots and angles. 

Helmet mount: Helmet mount the cam to capture the action as you see it.

Must-have Scenes

Our creative directors have put together a list of recommended shots to make an epic video.

1. Attach the pole mount to the front or back fork to capture your wheels spinning at full speed. Aim it backwards to get a few shots of you pedalling or of your shocks as you do a jump.

2. Capture the action as you see it and attach a camera to your helmet. 

3. Riding with your peloton? Aim the camera backwards to get a group shot

4. Chances are you will be traveling through a pretty stunning part of the world, try capture a few shots of the scenery too.

5. Need to have a break? Put the camera on a pole mount and get a few 360 shots and some of you resting and taking in the view.

6. Pass the camera to a mate and capture an epic jump! If they are brave enough, ask them to lie down and film as you jump over them