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What happens after I make a booking?
Once you've made a booking we'll send you a confirmation email with some details about what you can expect next. We'll also be available for any questions you might have in the lead up to your event.


Are they easy to operate?
All our cameras are pre-set to auto which means all you have to do is point and shoot. They are designed for easy operation but still produce great quality footage.
We send you the cameras two days before your event so your and your friends have time to get accustomed to the equipment.

What cameras will you send me?
Depending on the package you choose, we will send you at least 2, and up to 4, cameras. These cameras are small action cameras with an LCD screen at the back so you can see what you are filming.

How many hours can I capture on film?
Each camera comes with a 32-64GB memory card which means you can get around 4-6 hours of footage So if you choose our Feature package that is 24 hours of footage! We also send spare memory cards in the Kit, just in case.

How much battery life is there per camera? What happens if the batteries run out?
Each battery will last around 2-3 hours, depending on how long they are left filming for. We include 2 spare batteries (pre-charged) per camera so you will never miss a moment. We also include a charger per camera so you can keep one on charge all the time.

What if there are any issues with the camera on the day?
We do everything within our power to make sure the video cameras are delivered to you in great working order. They are thoroughly tested with batteries fully charged before they are sent. Because they are delivered 2 days prior to the event day you will have ample opportunity to check them out.
In the unlikely event there are any technical queries not covered in our tutorial we are just a phone call away. If, in the worst-case scenario somehow the camera is damaged in transit on its way to you, we will ship out a replacement immediately.

Can I take the camera kit abroad?
Absolutely! The cameras are insured for worldwide travel and come in a compact bag making ideal hand luggage. This just involves taking out a longer hire period. Our cameras must be delivered to a NEw Zealand address before you travel.


How will my friends know what to film?
A cheat sheet of "must have" moments is sent out with each kit, but the beauty of your friends filming your wedding, is they already know you, those around you, all all the wonderful things you would want to see on film, not to mention the cheeky cameos that appear at the end.

Will the cameras be ready to film as soon as we receive them?
Yes they will! Before we send out the cameras we fully charge the batteries and check that all the equipment is in good working order. An advantage of us sending you the cameras two days before your event is that your friends can make sure that they are comfortable with the cameras and that everything is OK.


What if the footage is terrible?
As long as the filming is assigned to a few willing volunteers there is no reason why the footage would be terrible. We haven't had any unusable footage yet! Filming with our cameras is straightforward but it is your responsibility to ensure your filmers take their responsibility seriously! We can only edit with what we're given, so this part is over to you all.

How long before I receive the first edit?
Normally between 3-4 weeks depending on how busy we are, but sooner if possible! What is most important to us is that your finished highlight video is not rushed and the entirety of your event is captured.
We do offer an express service for an additional fee which guarantees that the editing is completed within 8 working days.

How will you know what we want to be included?
We meticulously go through your footage picking out not only the key moments but also the hidden gems - the inside-jokes, the laughter, the personal moments that only your friends could capture of you. If there is anything that stands out that you want included or taken out, you can tell us when you return the cameras.


What forms of payment do you accept?
Payment can be made via bank account transfers or by credit card. Credit card payments are processed through a secure merchant to ensure your details are safe.!

Do you offer a payment plan?
We offer a few different payment options:

1) Our standard payment terms require a deposit of 50% to secure the equipment for your date. The remaining 50% of your balance is due 14 days before your event date.

2) We also offer a staggered payment plan where you can pay off a Package balance over a period of 6 months or less by standing order, with the final payment being due 14 days before your event date - please email us on Hello@yourhighlight.com to set up.

For corporate bookings, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the booking. The remaining 50% balance is due on delivery of the finished video.


When will I receive the Filming Kit?
Our cameras will arrive two days before your event and be collected on the first working day after. You will need to make sure that someone will be available to accept delivery/collection.

How do the cameras get delivered/picked up?
At Highlight we provide New Zealand-wide delivery and collection, all we ask is that someone be available to sign for the equipment when it arrives.
The kit comes with return delivery details and a pre-paid courier bag so all you have to do is pop it into the bag and drop at your local post office.


What are your terms and conditions?
You can read our T’s and C’s here. Paying for our service means that you agree to our terms and conditions.

Are we insured for damage to the cameras?
Whilst we have no doubt that you will look after our cameras, we understand that accidents happen so all our equipment is fully insured. If you have any mishaps, you will just have to pay a $390 excess to get it repaired or replaced.

Please make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions before booking.