Filming Tips

Pick a few people to film your Must Have scenes. A bridesmaid or groomsman, good friend or family member. That way you know you'll have a few shots of your favourite moments.

If you have people that you definitely want in your video – parents/kids/grandparents – be sure to mention this, so footage of them can be captured on the day.

On your wedding day take step back and enjoy yourself and trust your guests to capture the moments you want and give them the freedom to improvise.

Included accessories

Tripod: Place a tripod nearby the mic to capture the speeches and another on the Bride and Groom table.

Selfie Stick: All our cameras come with selfie sticks. These are particularly great for passing the cameras around the guests and getting a real behind-the-scenes experience. 

Optional extras:

Chest Clip or Strap: For the ultimate POV filming, have a groomsmen or your celebrant put on the Chest Clip or Strap. It can be easily hidden under a tie for that up close and personal recording of the guys getting ready, escorting guests to their seats, and the exchanging of the vows. 

Dog Mount: Attaching the camera to your favourite furry friend lets you capture a truly remarkable view as guests oohs and ahs over your best four-legged friend trotting down the aisle waiting to give that slobbery kiss.

Action Light: Attach our Action Light to a camera so you don't miss out on capturing anyones sweet dance moves.  Our Action Light has multiple modes to adjust brightness and light speed.


Must-have scenes

Our creative directors have put together a list of recommended shots to make an epic video.

+ Wearables like the dress, rings, and shoes, before they're put on
+ Flowers and other decorations
+ For the bride: Putting on dress and shoes. For the groom: putting on cufflinks, tie, boutineer
+ The family hanging out and having a good time

The ceremony
+ Walking down the aisle
+ The groom when he first sees the bride
+ The vows
+ The kiss
+ The signing of the papers
+ The bride and groom walking back down the aisle together

The reception
+ The couple's entrance
+ The first dance
+ The toasts
+ The cutting of the cake
+ Dance floor moves and merriment
+ You may want to get shots of people during the cocktail hour, as this is another opportunity to include the rest of the family and guests in the video.