Filming Tips

One of the main issues that we have come across when capturing surf footage with GoPro cameras is the presence of small water droplets on the lens.

You can give the lens a good lick between shots, removing the majority of the droplets. However this approach is not 100% effective and a bit gross So we have coated all our waterproof housing with a water repellent formula called Rain-X. The Rain-X will cause any water that does come into contact with the housing to simply glide away, thus keeping your shots crystal clear.

Compose your shots so that you avoid the sky as much as possible. That way you avoid getting an exposure that's all white sky.

Recommended Accessories 

Wrist mount: Free your hands and wear the camera on your wrist.

Hand Grip: Keep your camera afloat while getting a good grip on it. Like a selfie stick, but way cooler. Cos its non-slip AND waterproof.

Surfboard Mount: There are mounts and then there's the Surfboard mount. Tethering this to your raft/ surfboard/ kayaks ensures minimal vibrations for that epic video. 

Head Strap: The head strap features an adjustable design for a custom fit so you can you get amazing footage using the Head Strap that you wouldn't get using any other mount. If you can't pull off wearing a helmet whilst surfing, we suggest using a shoelace and attaching it from the strap to your wetsuit.

Chest Mount: The Chest Mount Harness allows you to easily capture ultra-immersive video and photos from the view of your chest. It's made of wide, stretchy webbing with sliding strap adjusters to fit all sized adults.

Must-have scenes

Our creative directors have put together a list of recommended shots to make an epic video.

1. Get up close and personal to your subject. Our cameras have an ultra wide fish eye lens that gives you loads of room to pack in the action as well as the landscape. However, the lens magnifies the foreground and shrinks the background so try and keep you camera within two meters of your subject.

2. Position the lens so it is half under the water and half above to get a creative shot.

3. Tell your story. From strapping the board to your car, the drive to your spot, paddling out and riding back in and the odd bail or two. The more different scenes you have the more epic your video will be.