Filming Tips

A great shot to begin with is taking a selfie as you do the back flip into the water.

Your battery is likely to run out after an hour-so make sure you make a mental record of what you need to shoot and to turn off the camera after you're done taking your shot. 

While shooting marine life or selfies under water, stay at arm's length to avoid distortions.

Recommended Accessories

Pole mount: For that perfect selfie, for getting up close and personal with the sea creatures, for remembering all the details, for your epic video.

Wrist mount: Free your hands and wear the camera on your wrist.

Buoy: Snorkling or just exploring rock pools, attach the camera to a buoy and rest easy knowing it will float if you drop it.

Must-have Scenes

Our creative directors have put together a list of recommended shots to make an epic video.

1. Equipment shots-Tank pressure, wet suit being pulled up, Fins

2. Buddy checks

3. Selfie shot of entering water

4. Shot of boat and others jumping into the water

4. Keep camera just below the surface positioned to capture your buddy jumping into the water 

5. Capture descent

6. Sea life as seen. Establish its ambient setting before you go too close and isolate it on frame

7. People observing sea life

8. Try and have a buddy in frame as a reference to size when shooting large sea creatures or a finger pointing to an unusually tiny sea horse.